Who Are We?

We are a stand up comedy group that is founded with an ameteur spirit in Tunali Hilmi/Ankara in 2015. Opposing fakeness of tv and its censorship, we give comedians and wanna be comedians a chance to be on stage and express themselves freely. With the support of our audience we are growing to become one of the best comedy groups in Ankara and Turkey. One day if you ever want to be on stage and try your materials out or want to watch our shows or want to guest us in your establishment, you can reach out to us via our social media accounts. We know we’ll laugh with you too someday.

Our Events

Stand Up Ankara

Open Mic

Starting from establishment our open mic event is suggested as one of the most fun and honest events in Ankara by many media sources. Our group consists of 8 ameteur comedians performing 10 minutes each. That is total 80 minutes of laughs for you.

Stand Up Ankara

Stand Up Shows

We also set up one man stand up shows for our comedians that have materials long enough to form an entire show. This way we contribute to our comedians’ careers and maybe start a domino effect. 

Stand up Ankara

Concept Shows

Our comedians and guest comedians are teamed up as two or four person groups performing special stand up shows

Stand up Ankara


This is an event for comedians who are starting new and inexperienced. Funtreman is held monthly and we share our experiences with our comedians, have conversations on stand up and invite talented and willing comedian friends to the stage.





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